Unlock your Inventory Potential: Where visibility and control meet innovation.

  • Cycle counting on any mobile device*
  • Integrates directly into your ERP/WMS system
  • Adapts to your operational reality
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Streamline Inbound Logistics,
Kitting & Sequencing



Digitize Your Forward Stocking
Locations (FSL)

Infrastructure & Utilities

Infrastructure & Utilities

Optimize Your Spare Parts &
Installed Base

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Revolutionizing inventory control with extraordinary results

+53% Scan efficiency

Fast and easy cycle counting: increase speed, efficiency and accuracy, decrease errors and costs

-35% Discrepancies

Improve inventory accuracy, mitigate supply chain risks, and prevent financial loss

-70% Stockouts

Improved fulfillment levels are crucial to for optimal customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty


Supply Chain Models Shifted

Today, inventory is kept closer to customers, but outside your direct control, leading to challenges with visibility and effective field inventory management.

Ventory Web Example


Ventory captures your business reality into your systems


Focus on centralization

Designed and deployed for high-volume locations and core business operations.

Implement cloud computing

For hosting, data processing - even mobile applications are unusable without cloud access.

Targeted process optimization

As business processes are standardized, flexibility comes at a high cost.


Thrives in a decentralized environment

Digitizes locations that are lower volume, distributed, 3rd Party managed, unmanned.

Utilizes edge computing

Hardware agnostic, can be deployed on various types of mobile devices.

A smart plug-in: simple and intuitive

Quick to deploy and integrate, easy to configure and use, secure and collaborative.

Ventory Mobile Solution


Accurate inventory visibility across your organization

  • Data driven decision making for optimized inventory levels
  • Improved visibility of actual consumption and part utilisation in the field
  • Avoid stock outs, waste, shrinkage, and expiry
  • Improve replenishment and redistribution across locations to reduce excess stock
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What Our Clients Say?

The Ventory App has been a lifesaver in keeping up with our constantly changing inventory

It provides instant insight in our stock levels and our warehouse would be a mess without it!

Mason White

Active Energies

A reliable digital inventory is absolutely vital to keep operations running smoothly.

The solution has to be a uniform platform that is intuitive to use for our people in the field and that is, due to the nature of our sites, also able to work offline.

Thanks to Ventory we have reliable data about the status of our spare parts to help us make informed decisions.

Josh Fraughton


We really like the Ventory solution as an extension working seamlessly with our existing systems.

Very satisfied with the levels of service and support Ventory provided us.

Robert Pawlik