Customer Stories

An insight into what our customers think about Ventory

Infrabel: Full Visibility

Johan Smeets from Infrabel presents how his team deals with the replenishment of spare parts and consumables to support the construction, maintenance, and repair of Belgium’s national railway infrastructure.

Ahlers: 3PL Optimized

Kevin Onderbeke from Ahlers presents a practical use case on how his team has tackled the inventory strategy & working capital reduction at a customer in the chemical industry whose decentralized, historically grown logistic network made it difficult to get a holistic view.

Healthcare Challenges & Solutions

Dalila Belkhiri and Daniel Fowkes share some of the real-world examples of challenges, case studies, and innovative solutions that can help bring back visibility and control of the medtech and healthcare supply chain.

Digitizing Solar Assets & Spare Parts

Josh Fraughton from R7 presents his spare parts management strategy and general approach towards digitizing assets in a challenging environment with wide-spread, fragmented asset locations.

Finding the Optimal Balance in Energy & Utilities

Tim Harman lists and compares strategies and approaches towards finding the optimal balance between maintenance spend and frequency in the renewable energy & utilities industry.